Friday, February 3, 2012

Laugh, Love

Okaaaay, My friend msgs me up and asks me whats one word that has a special meaning to me.. To start off with that was a very random question. A Question that involves thought process should not be asked to anyone after 11pm, there should be a law or something against that (ugh). Anyway as she PINGED my phone to death i finally had to respond, (unwillingly though). Hmm, it was actually a lot more difficult than i already anticipated. So i think long and hard and come up with the word "persist".....Brilliant i know...(pat on the back). .... A few weeks later she comes to me with a picture frame with the words "rest". I was literally baffled. Why in Gods name do i have a picture frame and to top it off why does it have rest on it.. I think should this mean something,,,,,,I look at it questioningly and she says "remember that day i asked you for a word, well it turns out the word you picked was to long so here you go.. REST.. Take it and go.....LOOL

I  mean even though she didnt hit the mark with the gift, it was verrrry thoughtful, and its a good reminder that sometimes we just gotta kick back and "rest"

(its the thought that counts)...  I HEART IT


  1. :D your friens is really cute! wonderful idea

    and thank you! i followed back ~ ♥

  2. woaah that's so beautiful *_* <3
    i followed you back sis :D
    how is life in canada?! :D

  3. @Shaima, thankss she is a cutie youre right. love her like a sis. Thanks for the follow back :)

    @Mev Thank you! LIfe in Canada is chilly right now-- but spring is around the corner. Thanks for the follow !