Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fashion Week


Quick update, for those of you who have been following my blog you know that i recently got married!!! YAAY.. So i've been busy adjusting to that but now that i'm all adjusted i thought i would get back to doing what i love.

I'm planning on going to indonesia next month and i cant express how excited i am. My husband would rather go to hawaii, and to be honest that wouldn't be such a bad idea but i've always wanted to go to indonesia. To top it off, it so happens that its the same week as the indonesian fashionweek. AHH!! i know right what are the odds.

Anyone plan on GOING?


  1. Oh my gosh Congratulations!!
    So I just rediscovered your blog.. let the stalking commence :)

    1. Hey love!!! thanks for finding me.. I'm trying to follow your blog and i'm not sure if It worked.. its been forever since I've come on this thing

  2. Hello!
    thank you for visiting my blog. nice to meet you.
    I lived in Indonesia. When i read ur blog, i read this post. Are u go to IFW? Coz i go too. Lots of good things there :)
    nice to meet you. Keep in touch :)

    Hello from Indonesia :)